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Official Mask of ECAC Hockey and players of the week.  

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We are pleased to announce we were selected as the Official mask of the ECAC and sponsor of the ECAC men's and woman's player of the week.  GO ECAC.  

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See like a Pro, Look like a Pro, Keep Your Teeth.

  • NHL approved for player use in NHL Games
  • HECC approved USA, soon CSA approved
  • Pro Style convex lens is replaceable
  • 100% fog-free guarantee
  • Perfect optics, amazing airflow
  • Everything an elite hockey players needs and more
  •  Features a lower straight edge
  • See the puck at your feet or up-ice through the lens
  • Contoured to the face with air-foils directing the air to your upper face and eyes
  • ​Pro to Bantam level player are tired of wire cages