• Spectacular Pro-style convex lens straight lower edge

  • Fog free and scratch resistant both sides

  • Designed into a super-lite polycarbonate high impact frame 

  • Free shipping US and Canada

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PRO X Visor beats all competitors

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The avision Ahead Elite collection

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the nhl Approves 
The Elite Mask.
Some of us always had avision ahead.
Seeing without barriers

The AVH-1 senior has been replaced by the new Elite.  We will maintain replacement lens.

The Elite is HECC certified.   The AVH-2 Junior mask for Canadian sales is CSA and in the US it is HECC certified.

The AVH-2‚Äč has a replaceable lens which is 100% fog free and scratch resistant both sides.

All masks come fully assembled with all hardware, chin cup, straps and snaps.  The package also has J-clips and mounting screws for instant mounting on all major brand helmets.

Have questions pick up the phone, we answer 303 591 3797.

We are happy to report on February 9, 2015 the Elite mask has received clearance from the NHL for use in NHL games."  The convex lens is nothing short of optically spectacular.  Everything an elite hockey players want in designed: convex lens and high optic clarity, replaceable lens. Features a lower straight edge so you can see the puck beautifully at your feet or up-ice no bars, no delayed reaction.
The cage frame is contoured to the face in a slipstream fashion with air-foils to direct the air to your upper face and eyes as you skate. ‚ÄčThis is the mask for serious Division 1 and competitive players at all levels.

The Pro X Visor above and below in the video is the best injection molded convex lens in the world.  Our dual coatings provide 100% fog free and scratch resistant vision both sides of each lens.  The Pro-X Visor is HECC and CE approved.   

We're constantly designing and upgrading.  We're "crystal clear and tough as nails."

(Here's our not so small print claim.)

we guarantee that we are fog free both sides and scratch resistant both sides.  (current models and both visors)

We've got the best view of hockey, end of story.